Medical Travel

В соответствии с распоряжением Правительства Российской Федерации от 6 июня 2020 г. № 1511-р п.2 распоряжения Правительства Российской Федерации от 27 марта 2020 года № 763-р, иностранный гражданин, въезжающий в Российскую Федерацию в целях лечения, должен предъявить  действительные документы, удостоверяющие его личность и признаваемые Российской Федерацией в этом качестве, и визы (либо в безвизовом порядке) в случаях, предусмотренных международными договорами РФ. А также документы (копии документов), выданные медицинской организацией, подтверждающие приглашение на лечение, с указанием времени проведения лечения или документы (копии документов), оформленные Минздравом России. Подробная информация в Памятке для иностранных граждан, желающих въехать в РФ с целью лечения. Справочная информация доступна по ссылке.

Медицинский Туризм в России

State Health Care Institution "Regional Cardiology Clinic"

Saratov Regional Clinical Cardiology Clinic is the largest medical institution in the region, which provides specialized medical services, including high-tech medical care for patients with cardiovascular diseases. The services provided include:

  • Emergency cardiological care for patients with acute coronary syndrome, including high-tech care - coronary artery stenting and aorto-coronary bypass surgery;
  • Performing surgical interventions in case of heart defects, performing angioplasty of coronary arteries in case of stable IBS;
  • Performing surgical interventions for complex heart rate disorders, including flickering arrhythmia and atrial trepidation, ventricular rhythm disorders and cardiac blockade.

Medical care is carried out in accordance with the license for medical practice No. LO-64-01-004505, issued by the Ministry of Health of the Saratov Region.

The hospital includes seven specialist in-patient units with 304 beds, intensive care wards with all necessary medical equipment for life support of patients in severe condition.

Every year the center carries out more than 8.5 thousand operational interventions, including more than 3 thousand high-tech types of operations. More than 5,000 coronarangiographies are performed annually. Patients have the possibility to choose wards with improved conditions of stay in the institution. A lot of scientific, advisory and methodological work is carried out in the cardiological clinic. On the basis of the dispensary department there is an anticoagulant therapy room for patients with difficulties in selecting anticoagulant therapy with suffered pulmonary artery thromboembolism; Lipidology cabinet for patients with various forms of lipid metabolism disorders; Office for chronic heart failure patients. Every year, more than 19,000 patients with various diseases of the cardiovascular system receive consultations in the dispensary department of the cardiology clinic. The reception is carried out by specialists of various profiles - cardiovascular surgeon, cardiologist, arrhythmologist, specialist in lipid metabolism disorders.